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07 Oct

Towheaded and beautiful, with doll-like features and a dancer’s body, she receives glances — even in Soho, land of the models.

In a soft, lilting voice, she shares her frustration: now that she is older and wiser, and her definition of a “good catch” has evolved from someone like Richard Gere in “Pretty Woman” to someone more like Paul Reiser on “Mad About You,” Olga cannot find the man she claims she longs for: educated and established, “kind like my ex- husband,” with whom she can have a family.

Professor Mikalai Yalenski, deputy head of methodology at the national institute for education, can’t understand the fuss about the state’s supposedly anti-Belarusian language policies.

‘If someone wants their children to be taught in Belarusian, then that’s the language they’ll be taught in.’ According to Yalenski it can sometimes happen that the desired language isn’t available at the nearest school.

Officially it is up to parents whether their child goes to a Belarusian-speaking or a Russian-speaking class or school.

In principle they can choose freely between the two state languages.

Read ‘Choose a language - Belarusian or Russian’ on The ‘rebirth’ of Belarusian must begin in education: this is the constant demand of the language’s self-appointed guardians.By 27, Olga was divorced from Howard and engaged to a handsome young law student who broke her heart.At 31, Olga sits in a coffee shop and shares her story.Some of them slip out of the state education system from time to time, making use of the legal possibility of sitting exams at the state grammar schools as external students. She went to courses at the Belarusian lyceum from the age of fifteen.The school was officially closed in Minsk in 2003 and since then has held the majority of its classes in exile.