Dating sf

28 Apr

Pro tip: If a drink is an essential part of your dating repertoire, bring a flask -- there’s no bar on the premises.

Head to the archery range in Golden Gate Park for an adventure that will earn you major bonus points for creativity.

A massive trampoline park in a historic airplane hangar. SF offers several awesome urban date hikes, but a walk that ends at Sutro Baths is especially dreamy. make contestants do adrenaline-pumping activities: It makes people hot for each other. Either way, you pretty much have to go to Icarus Bungee.

Do we really need to explain further why this is a fantastic idea? Just be prepared to get up super early and drive up to five hours; the closest bridge to SF is two-and-a-half hours away, but there are 14 different bridges and the location is chosen based on weather conditions.

Old world music meets modern nightlife at this weekly late-night event.

Most nights of the week, Monroe is pretty clubby, but every Wednesday the space is home to the musical stylings of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and even a full orchestra monthly.

It’s generally not impossible to find a spot to sit, but you can reserve seats for free by calling ahead.

Sure, the waterfall on the center island, sweeping city views, ducks, and storybook wooden bridges could tip this date into cheesy territory, but that’s nothing a few tall boys in paper bags can’t temper.

And, of course, be sure to stop by Slanted Door for a whisky cocktail or Fort Point Beer Company for a delicious beer brewed right here in SF.

Classic courtship gets the trendy, hipster treatment at Mission Bowl.

It’s basically a typical Mission bar -- complete with decent food, craft cocktails, and people in flannel -- only there are bowling lanes, too.

Come during the week when the wait list for the two first-come, first-served lanes is generally shorter.