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01 Feb

When Carlos Slim Domit, the 43-year-old eldest son, married in October, the family gathered in the house for wedding photos – which now sit on the desk in Mr Slim’s office. It’s part of me.” Inside, it is a lovingly preserved museum to Mr Slim’s youth.“My parents’ house is very beautiful – it’s full of amazing things which we conserve,” he says. The brown-hued walls are lined with family photos, stiff-looking portraits of his five siblings, and a huge oil painting of Julián Slim, Mr Slim’s father.“That painting was done when my father was 32,” he explains. Like he was 52.” Slim Senior emigrated to Mexico from Lebanon in 1902, fleeing conscription in the Ottoman Empire.In 1911 he established a dry goods store before buying property, becoming a successful businessman.“It was great to see you so unexpectedly the other day,” he says.

We sweep through the streets, while Mr Slim on speaker-phone dictates a letter in heavily accented English to the film director George Lucas via his secretary, Silvia.It is little wonder that the country is referred to as “Slimlandia”.But the King of Slimlandia limits his roaming to a tiny corner of the realm.Slim Senior taught the young Carlos the values of book-keeping, teaching him how to read financial sheets and keep records.It is something that Mr Slim has kept with him all his life.