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22 Oct

2) Te amo (mucho).- I love you (a lot / very much). 5) Te quiero con todo mi alma.- I love you with all of my soul.

– I’m happy to share each moment of my life by your side. But it will take me a lifetime to be able to forget you.

It is they who are making a difference in their communities, who are pursuing their dreams, who are changing the world. In Spain, children are treated like royalty and it’s not uncommon to see total strangers stop on the street to fuss over babies, pinching their cheeks and smothering them with kisses.It might be a good idea to tone it down when you go home though, or you might get a few funny looks.After living in Spain, however, you’ll become accustomed to greeting total strangers in a much more intimate way than you ever imagined.Swooning over random kids Stay in Spain for any considerable length of time and before you know it, you´ll be swooning over random babies in cafes, restaurants and on the street.