24 Jun

Purpura rheumatica commonly begins with malaise, anorexia, debility, sometimes with mild fever.He was suffering dreadfully from malaise and indigestion and gave with his usual force his usual putrid theory of the universe.Fever is slight or absent; there are malaise and loss of strength.Yet all the time my nervousness and malaise increased appreciably.Ford’s marketers sank to a new, humiliating low with their claim that the Granada was the Mercedes-Benz W123.What’s next, putting lederhosen on the Statue of Liberty?I replaced every light on the car at least once, affixed the radiator using hundreds of zip ties, and bought Bondo in the extra-large economy-size buckets.


What really endeared it to my parents, however, was its ability to beat the thing back into some semblance of shape with junkyard parts and blue rattle-can spray paint.The Malaise Era of American automotive history refers to the period of model-year 1973 through model-year 1983; it takes its name from the commonly accepted shorthand name for President Jimmy Carter’s notorious “Crisis of Confidence” speech of July 15, 1979 (interestingly, Carter did not use the word “Malaise” in his speech)., and for this— plus his reluctance to turn the residents of Tehran into clicks on a Geiger counter after a bunch of beardo Islamo-loons took advantage of the power vacuum resulting from the CIA’s man losing control of our oil-soaked real estate and taking US embassy personnel hostage— conventional American wisdom regards him as The Worst President Of All Time, Except For Maybe That Guy That Did The Teapot Dome Thing.Who can work hard if he is suffering from a perpetual feeling of malaise?They are also a boon to rheumatic persons, helping to banish the muscular pains and general feeling of malaise.