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QUOTE: Jackie Peterson: "The dog is well and being taken care of and is very happy." WITNESSES Amber Frey ROLE: Fresno massage therapist dating Scott Peterson when his wife vanished.Frey cooperated with police, taping phone conversations with Peterson before his arrest. AFTER TRIAL: Wrote "Witness: For the Prosecution of Scott Peterson," published a few weeks after his conviction and three months before a judge affirmed his death sentence.An alternate for six months, she replaced a juror dismissed for misconduct during deliberations.AFTER TRIAL: Struggled with return to real life, turning to therapy and medication.AFTER TRIAL: Continues to style hair at Modesto's Salon Salon QUOTE: Dennis Rocha: "She's done real good for herself." Lee Peterson and Jackie Peterson ROLE: Scott Peterson's parents AFTER TRIAL: Hired noted appellate attorneys Cliff Gardner of Oakland and Lawrence Gibbs of Berkeley to represent their son in state and federal habeas corpus proceedings.Jackie, who has needed oxygen for the past 11 years, recently spent 1½ months in a hospital because of her respiratory condition.QUOTE: "(I'm) back where I started, so to speak." Nancy Grace ROLE: Feisty pro-prosecution Court TV anchor who periodically broadcast from Redwood City during the trial AFTER TRIAL: Left Court TV and hosts her own show on CNN's "Headline News." Gave birth to twins Lucy and John in November at age 48 and survived blood clots in her lungs. Talking about Scott Peterson and many, many others." Greta Van Susteren ROLE: Former lawyer. Ted Rowlands ROLE: While reporting for Fox News affiliate in San Francisco, he landed one of four TV interviews with Scott Peterson, in January 2003.

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AFTER TRIAL: Arranged separate book deals for Frey; Peterson's half sister, Anne Bird; and jurors.

AFTER TRIAL: Lobbied for a federal fetal- protection law, signed by President Bush in April 2004.

Wrote "For Laci," a national best seller published in early 2006, using some proceeds to found the Laci and Conner Search and Rescue Fund.

She opened Escape Day Spa in Clovis in July, the same month she married a correctional officer.

QUOTE: "It (her role in the case) wasn't an easy road to go down. One woman told me she would have said, 'Not my boyfriend,' and defended him to the end instead of standing by the truth. It was a difficult ordeal to go through." Karen Servas ROLE: Established prosecution timeline by testifying having found the Petersons' dog in roadway, leash dragging, shortly after Scott Peterson claimed seeing his wife alive and well.