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22 Aug

If he really wants to prevent them from "tarnishing Nigeria's image" he should attend to them when they return home on their periodic visits.(And check that chief's ID, it is just possible that he gave you a false name and address!Never let these people have your bank account and personal contact details.

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Needless to say, the Nigerian uses a false identity and the commission fee is lost for ever.

Moore & Son Moving Company is a full-service Pearland moving company, with on-site climate controlled and dry storage facilities. We pick up, transport, and deliver everything ourselves.

We’re available seven days a week for local and intrastate Texas moves, with the proper moving staff, skills, and equipment to handle your precious cargo with care.

If you have received mail naming this "company" or a copy of a document like the one illustrated here, you are a target of the fraud gangs.

The document may be signed by Simon Perchard and contain the name Brian Mc Clure.