Updating blackberry curve software

09 Jul

If you walk most of the time, then you might want to consider getting a Compact Flash or SDIO-based GPS receiver.These GPS receivers insert directly into the top (or side) of your handheld.All of the rechargeable GPS receivers that we tested had a battery life of greater than 5 hours (most 6-8 hours) per charging.That means you should easily be able to complete a full round of golf on a single charging.With a Bluetooth GPS receiver and a piece of double-sided Velco, you can temporarily mount your GPS receiver to the top of the golf cart (i.e. That way, the GPS receiver is always pointing up to the sky for the best reception.

While these GPS "systems" seem a little pricey at first, taken in total, they are very price competitive. These GPS systems traditionally come with very good navigation software for driving in your car.

There are no Intelli Golf-related service fees or annual subscriptions to buy. Purchase/download the Intelli Golf Eagle edition software for your platform by clicking here.

You do not need a GPS receiver to start using Intelli Golf today.

You can view our list of compatible GPS receivers/smartphones by clicking here. After your new GPS receiver or smartphone is working, start a New Round of golf from within Intelli Golf. To attached your GPS receiver to your golf cart or golf bag, we recommend using a piece of double-sided Velcro.

Once you receive your GPS receiver or smartphone, please follow the Set-up/Discovery/Bonding instructions provided by the manufacturer. A the bottom of the Main Scoring Screen (touch screen devices) or from the pull-down menu (non-touch screen devices), select the "satellite icon" or "GPS" (from Menu). Then, please follow the GPS set-up instructions listed in the Intelli Golf on-line Tours (Section 6) for your particular handheld/smartphone by clicking here. Once you're all set up, for GPS-enabled courses (i.e. That will let you know that everything is working fine, but the distances being reported are greater than 1000 yards/meters. For even more information on Intelli Golf and GPS, please read through our FAQs on GPS or give our GPS White Paper a quick read by clicking here. That way you can take it on/off very easily for recharging in between rounds :-). Top As you probably know, Intelli Golf supports the widest range of GPS receivers in the industry ( Gps Cert.asp).