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29 Sep

Compare this last figure to CEOs’ view just four years ago, where the global average was just 11% for M&A led growth, that’s a significant uptick.

This prompts the question of whether in just this short time, companies are ready to deliver on M&A led growth with the capabilities to create, capture and deliver long-term deal value.

That’s a radical shift from 2010 when less than 30% of deals were transformative (see Pw C’s M&A Integration Survey).

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So I scratched it by volunteering for a four-year secondment to Abu Dhabi, to work with international companies looking to invest and grow in the Middle East.

In Pw C's 21st CEO Survey released recently, when asked what will drive growth, virtually all North American CEOs point to organic growth (94%) followed by new M&A (61%).

Western European CEOs will rely on M&A 45% of the time and the global average is 42%.

Ruby was raised by her parents, James and Martha Abbott.

In 1901 she was living with her mother in St Mary in the Castle, Sussex. In May of 1917 she joined the Scottish women’s Hospitals and headed to Salonika.