Computer must be restarted before updating can continue

08 Feb

If you’ve lost the password for your Windows computer, and are now unable to gain access to your system, you can use 2 different methods to open it up again and log in.

The first is to re-install Windows, and lose all your files, settings & data.

That’s it now click OK and restart your computer to see the effect.

Yup now you don’t need to enter the username and password each time when you logon the Windows 8.

This method will not lose you any settings/files, and will grant you access again by removing the stored password data on your system.

Here we highly recommend using i See Password Windows Password Recovery program to hep you reset your Windows login or admin password without system res-installation.

See this guide: How to Reset Windows 7/8/10 Password with i See Password.

computer must be restarted before updating can continue-14

Step 3: Set your locked computer boot from USB drive in the BOIS setup, this the program will be loaded and detect all users on your computer.Please make sure to use a best antivirus program on your Windows like Bitdefender or Kaspersky which will stop possible computer virus infections.Even if you install windows 8 with a internet connection connected then it will automatically asks for create Hotmail use ID and password. Now the windows 8 will set that Hotmail email ID and password for your windows login. You need to enter your password each and every time when you turn on the computer.Need of disabling the logon password in Windows 8: If you are home user or just single user of your computer then it will be time waste to enter the username and password each and every time when you logon the widows. Then you can skip it and set as auto login in the windows 8, like Windows 7 or Windows XP. To disable the password prompt you need to set auto login inside the user account settings. just start the Windows 8 with your username and password.Step 2) Open command prompt (shortcut “Windows key R”) and type “netplwiz” without quotes.