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23 Oct

The Menotomy Minutemen will demonstrate drilling and musketry, and discuss their gear.

The house will be open for tours (donation requested).

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Other reenactment units usually commemorate the event with fife and drum music, and a musket fire salute.By the end of that first day, 49 Colonials and 73 British had been killed, with 173 wounded and missing.2pm, Dress Rehearsal of the Lexington Skirmish on April 19, 1775 - Location: Battle Green, Lexington Center - The Lexington Minute Men hold their dress rehearsal for the Patriots Day (Monday, April 20) reenactment of the April 19, 1775 skirmish.Most of these events have been confirmed, but we've noted those that are not.If you're planning ahead for 2019, it may be helpful to know that dates/times are usually pretty similar from one year to the next. Our Patriots' Day schedule lists events based on the day and time when they take place during the reenactment - which is not necessarily the same as the original sequence.