How to end a dating relationship

10 Jun

You walk into the relationship with your hopes high, and look forward to a promising future with the one you’ve fallen in love with.But not all relationships work out perfectly, even if the two people involved seem perfect for each other, do they?16 signs it’s time to move on and end the relationship So are you happy or unhappy in love?Here are 16 clear signs that can help you understand if you’re in a relationship that isn’t worth holding on to.As confusing or complicated as a problem in a relationship may seem, it starts and ends with a simple idea, and that’s happiness.And if you use happiness as a yardstick to decode your relationship, you’d find that it could help you understand yourself and the relationships you’re in, a lot better. If you aren’t happy in your relationship, you’re not in a happy relationship.

[Read: The 10 most common relationship problems and quick ways to fix them] Or you can move on, especially if you’ve tried to fix the relationship several times, and it still doesn’t bring you any closer to happiness.Zeising agrees you should take the time to address."It's smart to take a personal inventory of your values and figure out what's most important to you," Dr. "Not superficial things, like, 'They have to have blue eyes.' But more substantial things, like, 'They have to want children.'" She adds that it's important to have these conversations , especially if you want this relationship to move forward in a more serious way. "You don't necessarily have to say 'Do you see yourself marrying me in the future? "Instead, you could ask 'Do you see yourself getting married?"Being able to be vulnerable and to have some of those conversations after you [and your partner] have built some history is important," Dr. Nevertheless, laying your cards on the table can scary — especially when you consider the topics that should be hashed out around this time. ' Or you could ask 'Where do you see us in six more months?But regardless of how you label this turning point with your partner, there comes a moment where things start to get real.And for a lot of couples, that tends to happen around the six-month mark.