Dating yourself via resume job history

15 May

How it's written: "I'm open to any thoughts or ideas you might have." How it's taken: "Please review my situation, circumstances, resume, art, work history, website, approach to growing my following, business plan, overall presentation.Then write up a report with your ideas and recommendations and email it to me.One of the most difficult aspects of job searching is putting together a good resume.

But really, objectives in resumes are all the same; everyone is trying to get a job.

Make sure that your voicemail message also sounds professional.

First impressions count, and hiring managers who call the phone number on your resume will draw inferences about you from the tone of voice and language you use on your voicemail.

Rather, they are marketing documents that “sell” your professional services to an employer by showing how your training and experience is “the answer” to what they are seeking in their next employee.

Instead of listing personal objectives, then, make it easy for hiring managers by creating a short “qualifications profile” of the skills and talents you would bring to the table.