Who is neil haskell dating

26 May

Just in case you have not noticed, I have been on vacation, and the blogging has been sporadic.

One of my stops this week was Portland, OR where I watched the “So You Think You Can Dance” tour.

"Dancing is about beauty, passion, love -" "And sometimes sex," Alex laughed, slapping Kent on the back.

"A lot of dancing is about sex." "But -" "You're not still a virgin, are you? It didn't even phase Kent, because it was Alex, there was no judgment there. "Well, you're young, and you're a dancer, you can't have had a lot of time to mess around.

The show was as good as I had seen it back in Long Island, and this time I was able to see the hip-hop routine of Hok, Dominic and Sara. Danny Tidwell talked to me and my friends for quite a bit (because he knows we are his #1 fans, LOL — my friends were giddy at Danny’s godlike presence. The highlight of the night however was I finally got my Danny Tidwell — Neil Haskell sandwich picture.

It also made me extra happy that the moment Neil saw me while I was chatting with Lacey Schwimmer, he called out to me. I also had a Hokcey sandwich: Apparently Hok and Lacey are dating.

Lauren was so much passionate about media arena from early childhood eventually turned herself into a successful actress.

Lauren Gottlieb kicked off the career journey as a choreographer in the showbiz industry in 2004.

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It was different for everyone else, of course it was.Danny Tidwell gave me some Meet and Greet passes so I was very excited.There was a bit of a snag getting those darned badges as I had to wait 30 minutes after the show started before someone backstage came up to the box office to give the passes to me, but I got them which was all that mattered. LOL) Danny will be teaching some workshops after the tour (will post links later) and will host some Movmnt Magazine parties at a club near you.Everybody thinks they know what "the show must go on" means, but they're wrong.Kent's danced through blisters, cramps, colds, and distraction, but it's nothing compared to dancing with a broken heart.