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20 Sep

'I appreciate that the witness saw something later, through his binoculars, when he returned to the scene, but this could be totally unconnected, and by his own admission he only glimpsed this for seconds.'It could have been something quite ordinary, like birds or balloons, but by that time the witness was thinking 'UFOs', and may well have had that classic X-Files "I want to believe' mindset.'The shapes over Plymouth follow a number of recent UFO sightings across the UK.Last week a group of alien experts claimed a nudist beach in Wales could be attracting visitors from outer space.Fine jewellery, rare clocks, precious hard stones and Chinese works of art attracted worldwide attention with a record amount of online bidders recorded at the sale.

The family still had the original the receipt for showing that...However as soon as I walked into the study one object stood out amongst the routine effects.An abstract painted pottery vase; it shouted Picasso (Pablo Picasso, Spanish, 1881-1973).Not everyone is convinced that the spots in Mr Kingwell's video are signs of extraterrestrials visiting Earth.Nick Pope, who used to investigate UFOs and other mysteries for the Ministry of Defence, told Mail Online: 'In cases where nothing unusual is seen at the time, but where something strange is noticed when viewing film footage later, a suspicion must be that there's an issue with the camera.