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03 Oct

It's where you'll find, meet, chat and eventually hook-up with people who are fascinated with the allure of latex!

In the blue corner, the formidable Bette Davis, and in the red, equally feisty Joan Crawford.It's really tough thing to find an online dating community that really caters to the million latex aficionados out there. The latex fetish isn't relegated to hardcore porn, nor is it just a fad brought by the popularity of athletes who wear them such as swimmers and wrestlers.Latex is not just a symbol for stamina; it's a symbol of the human sensuality.Whether it was the nudity or the possibility of free tanning sessions, Franchot was hooked and Joan made sure Bette knew about it. They met each day for lunch…he would return to the set, his face covered in lipstick…He was honoured this great star was in love with him.I was jealous of course.” With deliberate tactlessness Franchot and Joan (pictured right) proudly announced their engagement. The love affair might have bitten the dust but the animosity created would last a lifetime more.