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05 Oct

Nishimura Hideki once confessed to a person he thought was a girl online, only to find out that the person was actually a boy.

He keeps this story secret and swears he will never trust a girl online again.

The female lead can be kind of cringe-inducing sometimes because of her over-enthusiasm for playing MMOs (kind of like the female lead of Chuunibyou).

If you grew up playing MMOs (and sorta wished your MMO life was like this) I HIGHLY recommend it!

And highly recommended if you are looking for something to feel good or laugh at.

When the first lines in a show go along the lines of "Please marry me", you pretty much have a good idea of where things will go.

The show focuses on the relationship between our protagonist, Hideki Nishimura aka Rusian, and his online wife, Ako.And the best part is how each character interacts with each other. it's a multi female single male anime but not even harem! Plot is easy to follow and always give you the "feel good" vibe.And the animation and art is actually pretty damn good. I am gonna rate it 9/10 and a must see if you are a romance junkie, or slice of life junkie.Animation: The animation quality in Netoge is fairly average overall.Background and scenery range from simplistic, computer-assisted images of school grounds to more detailed renderings of the fantasy world.