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11 Jan

Visiting the Maternal Healthcare Center in Sweden is free of charge, and patients have the option to visit any center of their choice.

Swedish For Immigrants (often called SFI or Svenskundervisning för invandrare in Swedish) is the national free Swedish language course offered to most categories of immigrants. SFI is directed towards people who lack basic Swedish skills and the age limit for the courses is sixteen.

At all Swedish health care centers, or in connection to each, there is often a maternal health care center (Mödravårdscentral, MVC) where midwives work.They can be consulted in questions regarding contraceptives, sexually transmitted diseases, testing for cervical cancer, pregnancy, etc.Most Maternal Healthcare Centers arrange parenting groups and courses for you to take part in prior to the birth of your child.Below are some examples of services and corresponding prices: At this website you will find more information about the Swedish Social Insurance Agency.The link will take you directly to information regarding those who have recently arrived in Sweden.