Dating in beijing

12 May

Forget everything your local takeaway ever taught you.

Afterwards, soak tired limbs at the Feng Shan Hot Springs Resort (10 Mangshan Road, Changping District, 102200; 86 10 60711188).

This bi-polar mix of tradition and modernity extends to the Beijingers themselves.

You regularly see residents playing mahjong in the streets and, in the city’s numerous parks, you find locals swaying or swinging swords as they practise tai chi among other martial arts.

The tongue-in-cheek Plastered boutique on popular and funky Nanluoguxiang takes Beijing 'in-jokes,' iconic signs and slogans and literally plasters them across t-shirts, hoodies and notebooks.

Fei Space in 798, the brainchild of British stylist Ray P Lee and ceramics designer Lin Jing, is crammed full of covetable and original items from the worlds of fashion, furniture and installation (Building 1, Area B, 4 Jiuxianqiao Lu, 798 art district; 86 10 59789580).