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06 Jul

These victims also contacted the newly-formed Broken Rites.This photo demonstrates why Broken Rites was needed.

Perhaps, the church might even offer to reach a private settlement with the victim, as the church often regards this as a cheap way of protecting the church's public image and its assets.

Those that were not sub or I had no time to train but I wanted to use anyway, I might drug. My true passion (and lucrative sideline) was finding, training and selling very select women.

No, not to the typical human trafficking market that would take nearly any beautiful woman and make her a prostitute somewhere on the planet. Some would, if they were lucky, become a true slave to a demanding Master. Much worse that they would be sold to some sadistic bastard that did not know or care what a prize he had bought.

(not a complete list) of Broken Rites cases involving Catholic clergy and religious Brothers in Australia.

This page is confined to Broken Rites cases - that is, cases in which victims have been supported by Broken Rites.