Dating men with borderline personality disorder

11 Feb

He could routinely pursue relationships with borderline disordered females, who are incapable of sustaining authentic intimacy and connection~ which makes the task of maintaining for his feelings.

You may presume that if you just try a little harder to make him happy, it'll be possible to have a harmonious relationship with this guy, but you're just dreaming.

His enthusiasm and glee seem authentic: One of my ex's would initially remark how better than to get involved.

He spoke rather critically about his ex wives, yet couldn't figure out why they were all so insecure!

Some of these males present as little boys, ambivalently in need of rescuing or care.

Their vulnerability comes across in a way that has you seeing them as open and genuine--but watch out!

He left home to get away from There's always a childhood template that sets up our attraction to someone personality disordered.

If you suspect that you have these traits, please leave this website and redirect your attention to Admittedly, I had a challenging time starting to write this article, because the bulk of people who contacted me about their BPD relationships had been men, but I kept getting letters from females who said, "what about us~ why aren't you writing about encounters with narcissistic or borderline disordered males, and they taught me about what to avoid.I'm sure that trusting my personality features and narcissism in males as comprehensively as possible, so you can begin to rebalance/heal from your most tormenting relationship experiences.Browse the various sub-sections in this piece while you're visiting--they describe the intricate aspects of personality disordered men and their behaviors.No question, I was doing all the heavy emotional lifting in that relationship.Tears streamed down his face, whenever I'd try to engage him on any topic we were struggling with--no matter issues that had already been fully discussed and resolved) in his effort to throw me off track, and maintain control.