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25 Aug

Bravo attempted it in 2003 with is being produced by Brian Graden Media, with Brian Graden, Dave Mace, Fred Birckhead, and Nick Murray executive producing.

Chris Mc Carthy, Pamela Post, and Stevenson Greene are executive producing for Logo, with Jen Passovoy producing.

Almost immediately, the suitors are self-stereotyping and clashing with each other. You see this in the house where the ones that would be offended by a more femme guy, it’s like, “Why ?

But the tone of the show gets pretty serious, so there were a lot of times where the director would be like, “You have to do that again, but stop smiling.” I had to bring myself down and make it more serious because there are a lot of elements in the show that do get real. Just being able to have an open dialogue with all these guys in a house is great to see because so many things we talk about among ourselves, we don’t really talk about in public — things like femme versus masculine, tops and bottoms, and the stigma of HIV/AIDS. And I think the majority of gay men grew up hating themselves because everyone was confused.They said a friend of a friend suggested him, I think.Casting a first season is always hard because no one knows what the show is. I think Logo had a lot to live up to with this first season, and they didn’t want to exclude anyone.with the aim of finding one gay bachelor a potential match.The show’s actual premise, though, was a setup, because as it turned out, not all of the suitors were gay.