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24 Jan

Instead, he let the trickle of new inventory cease years before Renault sold AMC to Chrysler Corporation, which absorbed AMC’s engineering stafi and factories, making 1987 the last year in which a factory produced an AMC-badged vehicle.Because Bobby was no longer in the business of selling new cars, his dealership evaded the blow that struck other AMC dealers, which resorted to selling other makes or shutting down.The Javelins and AMXs will attract most of the attention, as they are sought after enough to make the effort and cost of a restoration a reasonable undertaking.Family-man Hornets and Ambassadors may be restorable, but few are willing to spend five figures restoring a four-figure car. A Rambler Rebel lies buried up to its hubs in earth and brush. The windows are rolled up, though that does nothing to keep branches from entering the interior through the ragged remains of what was once a cloth roof.Today, the showroom stands empty of all but indiscriminate clutter.

UCLA won with its hydrogen-powered Gremlin, beating 63 other teams.

Evidence is scarce enough to encourage rumors, appetizers to whet the hunger for proof. Two years after starting at the Chevy dealership, Bobby left to open his own business, selling for a new company: American Motors Corporation.

AMC had formed from the merger of the Nash-Kelvinator Corporation and the Hudson Motor Car Company the previous year.

It had held the best cars–including several near-mint, low-mileage Javelins and AMXs–but Bobby vacated the building after its roof began to collapse.

The nice cars were sold, spared the fate of disintegrating outdoors.