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This Procmail tutorial is aimed at regular users, not system administrators.In order to use these instructions, you need: the substrings Subject, testing, and procmail are each words and the substrings Subject:, mail, and test are not words.Please do not use or link to an outdated, unauthorized, or plagiarized version of this.For example, do not link to the Procmail Section of the Filtering Mail FAQ, which I haven't updated in years, and do not link to plagiarizations, which I'm collecting at us / / _My Writing / Uncredited.In 1999, I HTMLized it and turned it into this Procmail Quick Start.In 2000, a revised version was published in the book Internet Secrets, 2nd Edition.For more about this, including problems caused by not using the defaults, see the Warnings () notes in Step 4 below. This, along with simplicity, will help to make your Procmail configuration portable and will make it easy to plug in, unplug, or reorder recipes.

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To deliver to a mailbox that is in maildir format, you need to append a forward slash ( [ . .] Anything else will be taken as a mailbox name (either a filename or a directory, absolute or relative to the cur- rent directory (see MAILDIR)).For more information, see the discussion about matching the word “test” in Understanding and Refining Your Procmail Recipes below.A friendly text editor that is the default pine composer.Historical Meta Note I wrote the first incarnation of this Procmail tutorial more than thirteen years ago as part of the Usenet Filtering Mail FAQ.In 1995 it was published in the book Internet Secrets.