Onion dating

14 Oct

The world says, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Now, you must understand, these people have been married for about 33 years! because if I did that, there would be no space and I’d run out of words in seconds! This piece is about the pictures Mummy Adejo took with her husband (Daddy Adejo) on her birthday.

Such addresses are not actual DNS names, and the .onion TLD is not in the Internet DNS root, but with the appropriate proxy software installed (in most cases, The TOR browser bundle), Internet programs such as Web browsers can access sites with .onion addresses by sending the request through the TOR network.

First, relationship development moves from superficial layers to intimate ones.

For instance, on a first date, people tend to present their outer images only, talking about hobbies.

So I realize that this brilliant parody by The Onion debuted nearly two months ago and has over one million views, but it’s the first time that I am seeing it and it really did not get the media coverage that it rightfully deserves.

You’ve seen the commercials for dating sites such as e Harmony where they show a success story of two strangers finding their soul mate and falling deeply in love.