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The narrative, a character sketch affixed to a structured timeline that neatly culminates in a 1990s indie film-like epiphany, is perhaps the kind of story that Park might have been assigned to read as an undergrad.Conventional self-examination materializes on her humdrum commute to work, where inward-peering yields and emphasizes the kind of apathy toward day jobs that we've frequently seen encountered by mopey types in Daniel Clowes's efforts, or in the short stories collected in Adrian Tomine's Optic Nerve series.In flashy street billboards (which hang above hordes of passers-by whose faces are buried in digital devices), in labels spilling out of Park's grocery bag, and in the heavily branded foodstuffs squabbling for space at the minimart, however, Cho aptly explores and demonstrates how inundated we are with branding and marketing's reach.Even as she reluctantly brainstorms at pitch meetings for packaging children's perfume in Shoplifter, Park questions our relationship with brands and mocks the general public's fixation on social networking (vis a vis online dating profiles and our digital selves — the "tiny pictures and status updates," she says).“Then you stand there and think what am I doing trying to take on the police.” Asked if he agreed he was a violent man, Mr Mc Clelland said: “With myself. I’ve gone into the sea to try and kill myself.” Mr Clarke said: “Your intention was to fight them.” “At that time, yes,” Mr Mc Clelland said.He admitted he had been drinking strong lager during the day and in, sometimes rambling, evidence agreed he had told police he had not made a complaint about being Tasered immediately after the incident.

Mr Mc Clelland, who said he had been in the army, pleaded guilty to the remaining charges in Brighton Magistrates’ Court on September 5, 2013. High Court Judge, His Honour Judge Jonathan Simpkiss said: “This is a fairly straightforward case.

After he is Tasered and falls to the ground, the officer says to him: “There are two barbs in your back which will be removed.

“There will be no lasting effects from the Taser.” In a video shot by a member of the public, another officer appears to kick out at Mr Mc Clelland as he falls to the ground.

Ad copy and serial appearances of typography in general are ubiquitous in the book — train car cards link to one another along the top ridge of the subway car during Park's commute, while pasted flyers and concert handbills engulf her when she ascends the train platform.

She attends an obnoxious nightclub launch party for a brand that specializes in marketing via a social network, and the streets of Cho's book are streaked with big, bold ad endeavors every step of the way.