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27 Dec

The Roman's adapted the route and in the 19th century it appeared on Ordnance Survey maps as the Pilgrim's Way, although this has been dropped from modern maps in favour of the name North Down's Way as this romantic notion practically suggested that the pilgrims made famous by Chaucer would have to make a 30 mile diversion from their most direct route to Canterbury in order to use it.

An important prehistoric trackway ran through Pewley Down which formed part of a route running from the Kent coast.

of a water course and were ordered to pay £5,000 in costs.

This involved lengthy investigations and legal proceedings to force the sale of the clerk's house in order for £120,661, including costs, to be repaid to the council.

The Pewley Downs Conservation Volunteers (PDCV) actively assist the council's wardens in the protection and upkeep of the down.

It has also been listed as a potential Site of Special Scientific Interest and in June 2006 process for establishing Pewley Down as a Nature Reserve was also started.

Traffic permitting of course, but perhaps that will not be such a problem with petrol at six pounds a gallon." The Villagers Pub in Blackheath near Guildford are witness to an unusual nesting place for a pair of blue tits.

Our pothole helps preserve the environment as it makes a favoured bird bath for the local blackbird community.

The fort was converted into a command post of the Home Guard during the war.

Eight chicks were hatched ) in the seemingly unsavoury location and led to the landlord having to hastily post signs to warn the smokers to dispose of their butt ends elsewhere.

The breeding birds chose the wall mounted box used by smokers to extinguish their cigarettes to set up home.

In 2005 the centre secured funding from the lottery and Guildford Borough Council to introduce primary school children to wartime experiences from WWII.

Henley Fort today is a Grade II Listed Building alongside the old 'Pilgrim's way' and provides an historical education facility and outdoor learning and development centre.