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25 Sep

The rules governing credit splitting have changed considerably since they were first introduced in 1978.

As a lawyer or other legal practitioner, you and your clients should be aware of legislative changes regarding the division of credit splitting, largely in response to requests from the legal community for more information.

Benefits can also be paid to the survivors or dependent children of contributors.

However, the credits earned by legally married spouses during the period of cohabitation during the marriage and upon divorce or legal annulment of the marriage.

These credits are not actually paid to the individual, but are credited to the individual's Record of Earnings.

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[ amended section 55.1 (1) (c) to provide for a credit split if the application is made within four years of separation, or at any time after that date, so long as both former commonlaw partners agree to waive the time limit in writing. That means that the process of credit splitting between former partners beyond the four-year deadline would depend on the cooperation of both parties.

It is financed through contributions from employees, employers and self-employed people, and from investment income of the in terms of coverage and benefits.

Under both plans, eligible contributors receive retirement and disability benefits based on earnings and contributions made during their contributory period.

pension credits by way of either a written agreement entered into or a court order made on or after June 4, 1986 (the date the amending legislation was introduced in the House of Commons).

They are as follows: pension credits if, prior to June 4, 1986, a written agreement contains a general waiver of property rights, or if there was a court order releasing them from any present and future claims (see the March 15, 1991, amendments, which follow). It authorizes the Minister to take remedial action to place individuals, who were denied a credit split due to written agreement or court order prior to June 4, 1986, in the position they would have been in had the division been approved.