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24 Apr

He spoke of his doubts about saving this one guy who jumped out of a building when caught raping a young girl who was also being treated in an adjacent room. At 5, he goes on this family trip to visit his great aunt—a nun at a convent.

How he and his partner fell asleep leaning against walls in the hospital while waiting for their patient’s turn for a scan.

An adored first grandchild, a joyful little prankster who made everyone laugh. Just a straight forward normal good guy, according to his mom. Notice the difference between his childhood photos and his medical school graduation picture. His mom says he became disappointed, disillusioned.

With suicides, we perform a psychological autopsy: Today—for the first time—I share my results from 4 psychological autopsies: This is Vincent. He framed this photo to give his parents at his med school graduation. I interviewed several of Vincent’s family members to find out.

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How are we to stand with our patients through the very worst while avoiding depression, significant stress reactions, and even substance abuse or addiction?

He hid his depression and substance abuse and carried a lot of shame.

Just 24 hours before his death (he had relapsed), he met with his psychiatrist who arranged admission at a local rehab facility.

Vincent told stories of how surgeons publicly humiliated interns.

His family was concerned, but they thought it was the adjustment to a demanding profession.