Cheap ideas for updating kitchen cabinets

09 Dec

Plus, it looks really nice by adding some dimension to the kitchen.Use your wall space especially for things that add to the aesthetic.Moving your nice knife set to the walls with a magnetic strip frees up counter space, puts them always within easy reach whilst cooking, and they're likely one of the more uniform, nice-looking kitchen utensils you own.Instead of tripping over bottles and loofahs in tight quarters in your shower, you can move this tiered shower caddy into the somewhat-awkwardly-shaped corner and move about freely.It looks nice, means you always know which spices are where, and frees up space you'll use by taking over the dead space you haven't been. Stemware, which is so thin at the bottom and wide at the top, is logistically not a great use of space in a cabinet.By flipping them upside down and utilizing space under your cabinet, you can make your place look more polished as well as free up space in your cupboards to be used much more effectively.Life hack: jeans take up less room hanging than they do folded three times each and stacked on top of each other.

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If you're looking for something similar for less, this option from Wayfair might be the next-best.

Dead spaces in your apartment are those underused pieces of real estate that often go unacknowledged, but they’re a great way to create storage space out of thin air.

You won’t need to designate any new area in the living room for a giant chest of drawers since you’ll just be updating the floor lamp with an almost identical model — just with added shelving space.

This is one of the best ways to eliminate the amount of half-used shampoo bottles you trip over in a given shower.

It's also convenient for soap (notably out of range for the water cascade, so they might even last longer, too) and you can hang your razors on the lower portion as well.