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16 Nov

Over the years that I have been writing, I have received several letters from women who have had experiences similar to those depicted in my stories. Although quite liberal now, I wasn’t always that way.

As you can imagine reading about these experiences are as great a turn on for me as having them, were to the women. Warthog, After reading one of your stories, I thought I would tell you a story about myself and my girl friend that I think you will appreciate. I did learned, however, at an early age that I had the look that attracted men.

My outfits are usually made of leather, latex or rubber and reveal as much as my body as possible.

Sex continued to get better and better now that I knew how to stimulate men with hot looking outfits tightly fit around my sexy body.

I know they like my large firm tits, slender legs and tight ass so I put something on that shows off each of those parts of my body. I begin thinking about finding a cock to stuff inside me. I want a man to take possession of me and mark me by putting his flesh inside my body and dumping his cum deep inside me.

When I find the man I want, I give myself to him totally.

My breasts were wedged into the tight fitting cups.

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The bustier laced up the front and hugged my middle tightly.

Many of these stories involved the women having sex with multiple partners but one in particular involved a woman named Sarah who has to be one of the most fantastic fuck dolls I’ve ever heard about. At first I was embarrassed at the attention and really didn’t know what to do about it.

Later, I learned that a lot of nice things happen to pretty girls.

Later, I would occasionally go without a bra because after all I have to show what I’ve got sometimes.

When my body finally stopped growing I had developed a very curvaceous figure.