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30 Jun

Now, however, every feature and function within Smarter Mail is entirely exposed, allowing companies to build upon our platform however they want. That means integrating web conferencing and turning Smarter Mail into a truly unified communications platform.

Team Workspaces can house an unlimited number of participants and include live video chat for up to 8 participants, screen sharing, video and audio controls, a group chat sidebar, a whiteboard for team collaborating, the ability to upload and share files and much, much more.

Aliases are a powerful way to manage your email, manage your communication and manage your life.

So it’s now possible to leave those services, and their costs, behind and use Smarter Mail for all your communication needs.

Smarter Mail’s enhanced group chat now offers things like: Best of all, since this is all contained within Smarter Mail, it’s fully archived and saved!

All of your communications can be centralized in one account in Smarter Mail!

Smarter Mail 16.x makes it much easier for users to share their contacts, calendars, tasks, notes and even email folders.