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19 May

So we decided to interview women who are earning significantly less than the men they're with, to anonymously discuss how money, gender, and careers play a part in their relationships.

We interviewed a woman who earned 0,000 after selling her start-up — before she moved to Shanghai and began earning ,000 while her husband made 0,000.

I mean, think of the badass male leading roles in movies and TV shows.

These are guys that just take action and they don’t have to say how they feel because it’s clear through their heroic pursuit and protection of her.

I feel like he’s so comfortable with me (which I obviously like), but once in a while it would be nice to feel like he still is trying to reel me in.

From what you wrote, it doesn’t sound like he’s getting bored with you or that anything is wrong or a warning sign.

But the subject of who pays for what and how things are split is a common topic on our site — and in the Money Diaries comments.But as World No.1 Serena Williams landed at Perth airport on Saturday, all that appeared to occupy her mind was the angle that showed off her best side as she posed for snaps with beau Patrick Mouratoglou.Often, if a woman has a male partner, she is earning the same as — or less than — he is. In a poll of more than 500 heterosexual women, 55% of those in long-term relationships had salaries that were lower than their partner's.Your married ex may seem like an oasis in the sexual desert right now, but don't waste more time on him.He isn't your future; he's your past for good reason, I'm sure — so keep him there.