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13 Apr

If you click on the link you may be taken to a fake website that looks like the real deal, complete with logos and branding of legitimate sites.In order to view the video, you will be asked to install some software, such as a ‘codec’, to be able to access the video format.Note the misspelling of the words received and discrepancy as recieved and discrepency.

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Visit the No More Ransom website for information and decryption tools that might help you recover your data without having to pay ransoms to cybercriminals.If you download the software, your computer will be infected with malware (malicious software).Another way of delivering a malware scam is through websites and pop-ups that offer 'free' file downloads, including music, movies and games, or free access to content, such as adult sites.They may make unauthorised purchases on your credit card, or use your identity to open accounts such as banking, telephone or energy services.They might take out loans or carry out other illegal business under your name, or even sell your information to other scammers for further illegal use.