Dating harder nowadays

24 Feb

Wanting to please your man or make the man you’re dating happy doesn’t make you any less of an alpha female. The idea that a woman should want to please her man is a need to maintain a healthy and peaceful relationship. Where I think the trouble lies is setting a boundary between pleasing and being a doormat.When you start dating a man or in the early stages of a relationship the one thing that can set you apart is to make him feel like a man.No woman should try to to a man that she’s capable of paying for her own meal, opening her own doors or pumping her own gas. When a man wants to do something nice for you, let him!The worst thing you can do is prevent a man from doing the aforementioned, or act offended if he does.If you meet a man that you really like and you want a relationship with him these are a few things I believe you can do to make him feel like a man.A man wants to feel manly and strong in some way, shape or form.

Of course he knows you can do for yourself, how else would you have survived on earth or at least gotten to the date? If you are taking care of yourself as an adult should then you have every right to feel good about yourself.What has happened in our society is a subtle war between men and the alpha female.One that in my opinion leaves women on the defensive.If you had a parent, or friend who displayed similar traits you might quickly lose interest in a close relationship with that person.If you want to make your man feel like a man don’t take it as an insult if these behaviors don’t come naturally to you.