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24 Jul

Check it out: Wireless Hair Trimmer or Wired Hair Trimmer Everybody has Spotify (if you don’t you should), use Spotify Family A non-contract pre-paid plan with One of the big 3 (At&t, Verizon, T-mobile) is ~ and I’ve used both T-Mobile and At&t (At&t better of the two).Another phone service my family and I use now is Republic Wireless.Bring your own device, keep your phone, just swap out the SIM card, which is what I do (I have a Galaxy S7 Edge factory unlocked phone).

Average people use about 2-3 gigs, that’s or LESS per month!

At the same time some friends and I were considering doing an American Road trip across the country, where we would maybe rent an RV or rent a big van or something, very rough idea about what we wanted to do.

Driving, stopping in a few national parks, skiing, hiking, the basic exploring package. We got to setting a basic route plan and talked about where we wanted to see on our 12 day trek. I spent 2 weeks doing major overhaul to the van’s drive-train; engine, transmission, brakes, etc.

We would all drive out and end up in San Francisco, where they would fly back to NC and I would stay for the next 7 months for my job. A buddy of mine from class had actually just gotten back from living out of his converted van and mentioned it to me in class. It was in such poor condition I was honestly extremely worried about making it on our ~4000 mile journey, much less daily driving this beast for the next 8 months.

I checked it out during finals week and bought it on the spot. NONE of this would have been possible without my friend Sam.