Carbon dating biogenic sediments

15 Jun

Other variations include differences in test size, shape and surface structure.

Careful sample preparation by Strata Data is matched by the world class analysis by Beta Analytic Inc.

Converting the results of the analyses to numerical ages is achieved using the INTCAL13 calibration curve.

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As for isotope ratios from ice cores, the oxygen isotopic composition of a sample is generally expressed as a departure, O values are no more than a few parts per mille () above or below the SMOW isotopic ratio.

In addition, material from the last 300 years gives unreliable ages, mainly due to the widespread burning of fossil fuels and more recently the explosion of nuclear bombs, both of which have artificially increased the amount of C in the atmosphere.

Thus, it is not possible to accurately date organisms which have died since 1950.

Each sample is prepared in the same way as for a micropalaeontological analysis.

Suitable specimens are selected by picking through the residue.