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14 Aug

If you’re a new student, and have a bit of French, even very basic knowledge, take our free online placement test.This written test will be followed by an informal 10-minute interview at the Institut français.Over 100 million young people are learning French/learning in French at schools and universities around the world.Primary and secondary education in French is delivered in primary, secondary and high schools approved by the French Ministry of Education, collectively known as the French international schools.Former teacher in Paris Jasmine Garside says: “A TEFL certificate is always advisable (although to be honest no one checks if you have one, even though it's stated everywhere), and experience is also usually requested. “If you're serious about wanting to get into teaching, then you will find the right place eventually, although you'll probably go through a few bad ones first,” says Englishman Hensen.Garside, originally from Scotland, adds: “Look out for corporate crooks.

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Kent Adult Education are proud to announce that we have been nominated as the Adult and Community Learning provider of the year for the TES Awards 2018. Now that the new year has well and truly started it’s a great time to think about where 2018 can take you.Are you keen to explore the best of Melbourne on a walking tour, immerse yourself in a new language or connect with like-minded people at the CAE?Prevent that by seeing how the language will plug into your life, and then do what you can to make that integration happen. Then there's the embarrassment thing: you're going to sound silly when you speak. One-sized-fits-all programs end up helping nobody, Nielson says. Instead, figure out if you're learning French to find the perfect croissant, talk to people in bars, or get a better grasp of art history.