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16 Jul

Our statistical framework can be widely applied in analyzing large-scale data on multistage choices, which typify searches for “big ticket” items.Vast amounts of activity data streaming from the web, smartphones, and other connected devices make it possible to study human behavior with an unparalleled richness of detail.

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For example, when faced with more than a small handful of options, people engage in a multistage choice process, in which the first stage involves enacting one or more screeners to arrive at a manageable subset amenable to detailed processing and comparison (2–4).These screeners eliminate large swaths of options based on a relatively narrow set of criteria.Researchers in the fields of quantitative marketing and transportation research have built on these insights to develop sophisticated models of individual-level behavior for which a choice history is available, such as for frequently purchased supermarket goods.We apply our modeling framework to mate-seeking behavior as observed on an online dating site.In doing so, we empirically establish whether substantial groups of both men and women impose acceptability cutoffs based on age, height, body mass, and a variety of other characteristics prominent on dating sites that describe potential mates. 1 provides an overview of how mate choice unfolds online.