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01 Nov

They consider some of his positions wicked, immoral, and wrong.It is a shame to all in the USA when a president thinks he must promote something that the Bible condemns. Are there Bible prophecies that Barack Obama may have helped hfulfill?What about Barack Obama and the predictions of Nostradamus? Are there end time prophecies that Barack Obama seems to fit? Has Barack Obama fulfilled any prophecies or other predictions?And that there are many older writings that indicate that Barack Hussein Obama may have set the United States up for utter destruction?This article (which was originally written in 2008 with later updates) will attempt to address external and biblical prophecies that may apply to Barack Hussein Obama (he and his Administration have already fulfilled at least a dozen I have had published). No problem, Amazon will allow you to download it to almost any device: Please click HERE to download one of Amazon’s Free Reader Apps.Many have seen how crowds used to react to his speaking and have wondered "Is Barack Obama Antichrist?

a Luo of Kenya (see Kenya Rejoices as Obama Wins), Barack Obama seems to meet the criteria above as being "one of our our very sons." Some think this is contains specific Barack Obama predictions--but while the destruction of the USA is not yet, it does seem that Barack Obama has taken steps that will set the USA up for destruction.He does promote wickedness according to the Bible (Romans -32).Even in 2015, notice that: Obama..fondly referred to as a son of Kenya (Okumu E. Never before has a son of a Kenyan had as much power as Barack Obama.Anyway, as mentioned before, Barack Obama’s father was a Luo Kenyan.The Luo number in the millions are most live in the poorer western region of Kenya (some in Uganda and Tanzania as well).