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02 Feb

Later, Mick tells Linda that it's a shock Johnny is gay, but Linda says she knew and she feels it's her fault as Johnny nearly died when he was a baby and she'd never let anything hurt him, but she's protected him his whole life and she feels men will just hurt him as he is sensitive and too accepting.

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In the bar, Shirley says that ignoring Johnny's sexuality isn't going to make it go away and it's permanent and Shirley tells Linda that she isn't surprised Johnny couldn't talk to her and he seemed desperate when she spoke to him and Linda tells Shirley that when it comes to her kids, she should back off.Linda's mum, Elaine, owns a pub in which Linda grew up in.Since she was a teenager, Linda has been dating Mick Carter.Linda then brings up the fire Shirley caused accidentally on Christmas and how they lost so much before telling Shirley she did her kids a favour by walking out on them and she asks Shirley if she has any idea how much she hurt Mick.As they leave, Linda reminds Tina that she is welcome and Shirley asks Linda to tell Mick that she misses him.