Validating an instrument dating a computer nerd

12 Dec

Translation back to the source language is done by another translator who is unaware of the source language version.

Validity: Validity is the degree to which an assessment measures what it is supposed to measure.

If a new questionnaire is to be developed, it should be pilot tested and validated in order to evaluate if it is measuring what it supposed to measure and is it doing it reliably.

Wording of questions is very critical and should take into consideration; appropriateness of the content, level of sophistication of language, type and form, sequence and how is data sought from the respondents.

These questionnaires do not need to be tested for reliability and results can be compared for different studies and also combined for meta- analysis.

However one needs to make sure that the mode of administration should be similar to the original questionnaire.

The source language is translated in another language and again translated back into the source language.

Unstructured format may be used at clinical setting however structured questionnaire is preferred for epidemiological studies as same data from all respondents need to be analyzed and measured.

Open-ended questions allow respondents to answer them in any way they want.

It is an efficient way to collect data, the investigator should be certain on what is required and how to measure the variables of interest.

As a first step it is always recommended to do a literature search on previously used validated questionnaires that can be administered in similar settings and capture variables that are of interest according to the study hypothesis.