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05 Jun

For instance, Triple Heater meridian encompasses the Gracilis muscle – which works with the Sartorius and hamstrings to help bend the knee; the Soleus which flexes the foot and lower leg; and the Gastrocnemius, which works with the soleus.

Here, with one meridian, you are affecting more than five muscles. Here you need to remember the sedation point of the meridian and or insertion points of the muscle.

Remembering where to position the leg to access specific points on the back is easier than remembering individual or combinations of trigger points.

Ohashi also demonstrates how differences in the size of the giver or receiver can prove challenging.

The benefits to keeping it balanced are far too many to list here. The TW Smoothie Place the palms of your hands on your temples and take a deep breath.

Then, move both hands, palms down, around the ears, down the sides of your neck, onto your shoulders and hold.

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It’s important to reprogram our Triple Warmer to not respond to certain things like chemicals, fear and even watching a violent TV show. Can become overactive if you are under too much pressure so sedating it is very important.Using pillows or body positioning, he shows how to easily remedy these issues for more effective treatment without strain on the giver’s body.There are three volumes for Muscle Meridian Sedation DVD series.Consequently, you could sedate the Triple Heater point on the back (located between Lumber #1 & #2), and affect the gracilis, sartorius, hamstrings, soleus and gastrocnemius muscles; as well as the thyroid – all with one point.In Ohashi’s Muscle Meridian Sedation DVDs), he shows how to easily do this without fatigue on your body, or having to remember a myriad of acupoint combinations.