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30 Mar

That hope may be premature, if vagnettes like this one recounted by Jonathan Haidt, the popularizer of the five moral senses that distinguish shitlibs from normals, are indicative of scenes across the fruitless plains. A sure recipe for sexlessness and false rape accusations, leavened with romantic entreaties for pre-kiss consent forms and Title IX Damegeld.This is the manginarrific milieu the amused jerkboy find himself navigating. (The M2F transitioning Shitlib Within posing as a 6’2″ Nordic Ubermensch may want to sit this one out). On a weekend stroll around town, proudly wear the hat. BONUS POINTS to any man who picks up a black girl or squatina girl during this experiment. Strike up chitty chatties with the foxy fauna, just as you would on any day when your scrote swells with the urgency of the hunt. A winner will be selected (based on some combination of humor, skill, ballsiness, and F close potential or actualization).Click here to download the free Demonoid binary client. None of the files shown here are actually hosted or transmitted by this server.The links are provided solely by this site's users.(via 106.7 The Fan is the radio station for D.

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No one seriously argues that megaphony feminists aren’t mostly a collection of ugly manjaws with masculine behavioral profiles.

But there remained hope that screeching feminist stridency was a niche market, leaving the wider society unscathed.

Men, White men mostly, have become cringing, feminist boilerplate reciting, race cucked suck-ups to every group making a claim against their impudent White male privilege.

Opposing this gathering effeminacy are the women, who seem hellbent to secure the blessings of frat bro licentiousness to themselves and their twerking posteriors.