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With the discovery of deep gold reefs and rich telluride minerals at nearby Boulder the age of the independent digger soon drew to a close.

1897 saw the Kalgoorlie Boulder gold fields riding the crest of an investment wave largely financed by British speculators.

For Kalgoorlie's pioneering gold diggers the pickings were rich indeed, but if the pickings were rich, so too were the costs of essential miner's supplies.

Early reports of the time indicate that Kalgoorlie's miners were forced to live on overpriced "tinned dog" - a commonly eaten but universally detested canned meat product.

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Later Boulder Mining leases came to be known as "The Golden Mile" and by all accounts this area contained the richest square mile of gold reserves in the world.

The stage was set for the creation of a highly capitalised modern gold mining industry.

Literally hundreds of companies were floated, fortunes were won and lost, and for many years Kalgoorlie's metallurgists led the world in developing commercial treatments of gold bearing ores.

Marked on the map are a number of business services and all attractions that would be of interest to the traveller.

Opening hours for the tourist information bureaus are 8-30am to 5 pm Monday to Friday, and 9am to 5pm on weekends. View over Hannan Street Kalgoorlie is definitely well served by an extensive network of bus, rail and air services linking through to Perth, the eastern states, Esperance and other points in south western australia. Goldrushtours operates a weekly service between Kalgoorlie and Laverton.