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20 May

A lot of eagerly awaiting Professional clients jumped at it and the feedback was not late to come.Most of you are overjoyed and excited by this opportunity to run Data Ease for DOS in a modern environment, and more than happy to scrap your old XP computers and Novell servers that has kept you up at night with worry - when will it draw its last breath and what will I do then?I guess that if this was a simple as it "should be", there wouldn't even be three options in Data Ease, and we wouldn't leave this is in your hands.I have spent quite a lot of times over the years debating and exploring this myself, and the problem is that it is more of a philosophical problem, than a technical one.If you want to encompass Data Ease problems in one word it must be Migration.It is fascinating that a company that has had so little success with this concept, has sworn to it for such a long time.One issue that has been raised more often than others is the lack of a dedicated support service so this is one of the areas were we will now focus.Last month we hired Fatma Adel as our new Support Manager.

You get a many with 500 items, and you are vaguely familiar with 3 of them, so what do you do. We have now concluded the longest Beta program in Data Ease history - 427 days or over 1 year and 2 months. We are changing how we license Data Ease from Januar 1st 2016.

However not all feedback is good and some of you have been "disappointed" too.

Some of this disappointment is down to us having problem with our server park after the release due to an unexpected heavy load - don't they always say that - but some of you have been running bench mark tests and compared it to "Native" Df D on Native XP, WIndows 7 x32 etc. Why is it sometimes much slower and then sometimes much faster than the comparison?

We won't spend too much time extrapolating its virtues here but limit ourselves to announcing it's release and showcase its beauty ;-)Further down the article you will find the FREE FOR ALL Trial Key you can use to get the first "spin" in this brand new interpretation of Data Ease (for DOS).

For a long time we have been focusing on improving our software products, but we have now entered a new phase where we will focus more and more on the entire customer experience.