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30 Dec

WHEN THERE IS NO STAFF YOU CANNOT TAKE OFF so needless to say that was not approved and lost. This place is a real sweatshop that would benefit greatly from a UNION.

Reply I was happy when Bellevue, Idaho got a family dollar store.

Absolutely zero additional compensation and store hours were increased to open and close an hour earlier and later requiring additional time from manager. When this person is vetted and drug tested there is a several week training to boot. Why doesn’t website tell where positions are open without having to fill out personal information including birth date?

Employees just don’t show up and manager can not discipline for fear that they will not come back and manager will have to do more work. People have complained that it took so long that they gave up. It has been one month and still has not heard back or been vetted in any way. Perspective hire wants to also give 2 week notice at current job. Why can’t an application(paper) be filled out in store and manager able to move along hiring process? Manager is reliable, excellent at job and full of integrity.

Not permitted to pay overtime to other assistant even though they are saving money not paying an additional full time ASM salary.

Manager has been working 15 hour shifts with NO days off and NO recourse.

The company expanded rapidly in the 60’s and had over 50 stores by 1969.

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Reply I would like to see the Riverton, WY store expand.I get to the register and it didn’t ring up as marked so I questioned it.The manager was called but she didn’t come up to the register instead said No from the back of the store that she was not going to honor the price.Manager is forced to use personal phone for these calls as store for has been out of service for months despite managers constant attempts to rectify.During this staff shortage store was renovated requiring additional hours and later after hours nights letting workers in and out of store.