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11 May

If I wanted to buy someone or myself a gift, I did. And what my grandmother says about love is true: What doesn’t happen in years, happens in minutes.”How it happened: “I’d been a nun and left after six years because I wanted to get married. He’d been divorced, had no children and was happy being single.

It was refreshing because we weren’t pushing into each other into a relationship.

It’s tricky when you bring children into a marriage, but his 10-year-old and my 14-year old have a sweet relationship.” Her advice: “We all tend to repeat relationships.

You have to be happy with who you are before you can share yourself with someone else—and accept that life happens differently for everyone.”How it happened: “Everyone told me that I didn’t put myself out there.

As I got older, I lost my shyness and tried and J-Date.

Ted and I played phone tag for a while before we talked.

Then, he came to my house and tried to teach me to play guitar. I moved in with him six months after we met, and he got down on his knee right after.” Her advice: “At a church group, a woman older than me who’d never married said she was inspired by me and asked me what to do. So I just lived my life and left the rest to the universe.” How it happened: “My ex and I never married during our 16-year relationship, but we had a daughter.