Bayonetta sexually intimidating

08 Oct

However, twitter is not the best platform for following a story spread over numerous tweets, so I’ll document the details here for posterity.My old co-commentator and I were dating, from February 2016 to January 2017.I confronted him via email, telling him that he had ruined any chance of being friends again by repeatedly ignoring my simple request, and to stop harassing or contacting me. let’s play a game and count the number of times he says thisbtw, that pet name?After this he seemed to understand, and sent me a last email, telling me to contact him whenever I was ready. I told him when we broke up he couldn’t call me that any more. Well, as you might be expecting, he didn’t stop contacting me.So to recap: When I returned home, he contacted me immediately, wanting to know how I was.While this was technically a breach of our agreement, I let this slide as I was obviously very sick when I left, and I could understand that he just wanted to know what was wrong with me.

I think a lot of people can empathise with the concept of grinning and bearing it for the sake of keeping things civil, and in my case, where I was very ill, in a foreign country and was staying with someone who, on one occasion, forced sexual favours out of me.

You may understand then that telling him that we could still be friends was a white lie, and most definitely a foolish move on my part.

Throughout our relationship I picked up many clashing personality traits that I did not find palatable and did not want in a friendship.

I know that people watching my latest series will be very confused at this.

About a month ago I made the first four updates of this series private, never again intended to be viewable on my channel.