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20 Feb

Correct caching headers means you can massively streamline service worker updates too: Here I'd cache the root page using pattern 2 (server revalidation), and the rest of the resources using pattern 1 (immutable content).

Each service worker update will trigger a request for the root page, but the rest of the resources will only be downloaded if their URL has changed.

Users may end up with the new version of one/two of the resources, but the old version of the other(s).

is relative to the response time, so if all the above resources are requested as part of the same navigation they'll be set to expire at roughly the same time, but there's still the small possibility of a race there.

In the example above, the server actually had updated HTML, CSS & JS, but the page ended up with the old HTML & JS from the cache, and the updated CSS from the server. Often, when we make significant changes to HTML, we're likely to also change the CSS to reflect the new structure, and update the JS to cater for changes to the style and content.

These resources are interdependent, but the caching headers can't express that.

media-range = ( "*/*" | ( type "/" "*" ) | ( type "/" subtype ) ) *( ";" parameter ) accept-params = ";" "q" "=" qvalue *( accept-extension ) accept-extension = ";" token [ "=" ( token | quoted-string ) ] The asterisk "*" character is used to group media types into ranges, with "*/*" indicating all media types and "type/*" indicating all subtypes of that type.If you have some pages that don't include the JS, or include different CSS, your expiry dates can get out of sync.And worse, the browser drops things from the cache all the time, and it doesn't know that the HTML, CSS, & JS are interdependent, so it'll happily drop one but not the others.This is great because it saves bandwidth and improves performance whether you're updating from the previous version, or 10 versions ago.This is a huge advantage over native, where the whole binary is downloaded even for a minor change, or involves complex binary diffing.